Protesters Rally Despite Downpour

Students gather at Quarry Plaza calling for the resignation of Napolitano as well as to escalate next week’s anticipated AFSCME strike.

Conference on Climate Science Coming to UCSC

Set in the middle of a forest and surrounded by wildlife, UCSC is a school dedicated to environmental awareness. In efforts to keep its...

AFSCME Votes to Strike

AFSCME 3299 and UC administrators remain at the bargaining table searching for middle ground on wages, working conditions, and contract nuances

UC President Continues to Spark Controversy

Janet Napolitano’s visit to UC Berkeley Feb. 13th brought many students and workers together in protest of the new UC president. Many students gathered to express their discontent with the regents choice in appointing someone without a background in education and who played a prominent role in the deportation of undocumented immigrants.

Envisioning the Future of Black Activism

UCSC hosts 11th annual Afrikan Black Coalition Conference. The Afrikan Black Coalition Conference returned to UC Santa Cruz on Feb. 15 – 17 for the first time since the activist group’s initial assembly in 2004. The annual ABC Conference is conducted at a different UC campus each year, compiled with keynote speakers, a discussion panel, workshops, artistic performances of poetry and choreographed dances and a dance for all involved to move and groove together, as one.

Prayer Connects Students, Community, Environment

Muslim students gathered last Friday to pray for rain amid the drought. Student led prayers spoke of our footprint on nature, ethical consumerism, and spreading knowledge.

Dancing For Spirit, Strength and Change

Hundreds of Santa Cruzans spent their Valentine’s Day celebrating not just their love for their significant others, but to dance and bring awareness to...

Cookies, Chancellors and Conversations

The University House opened its doors last Wednesday night as students were given the opportunity to voice their concerns to UC Santa Cruz administrators...

Breaking the Stained Glass Ceiling

Christine Fahrenbach had always wanted to be a Catholic priest ever since she was a child. Despite the Catholic Church’s refusal to ordain women, Fahrenbach was ordained into Roman Catholic Womenpriests (RCWP), a movement within the Church dedicated to challenging the patriarchal nature of mainstream religion.

Letting Life Flow Naturally

Dating back to 2700 B.C., massaging — first used by ancient civilizations such as the Chinese and Egyptians, and then adopted to become the Swedish massage — continues to be the most widely practiced bodywork technique. While a Swedish massage relaxes and soothes the client with lubricated long strokes from head to toe, other techniques such as acupressure focus on finding specific points and releasing energy flows.