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04 Jul 2020

Measures K and L: Taxing Dispensaries 

Santa Cruz city and county officials will seek voter approval to impose a tax on medical cannabis dispensaries. Measures L and K will establish a cannabis business tax of no more than 10 percent — 7 percent when enacted — in jurisdictions within the city and county respectively, to be effective January 2015.


UC Policy Makes Bathrooms All-Gender 

In an effort to make university campuses a more inclusive space for LGBTQ identified students, UC President Janet Napolitano announced the UC-wide conversion of all single-stall restrooms into all-gender restrooms, as well as allowing students to include a preferred name on campus records with their…


Sequencing the Slug 

“‘Sequence the mascot’s genome!’ is not a cry one usually hears coming from a university,” said UC Santa Cruz alumnus Ken Wagman. “It’s not the usual way to support your school.” As a leader in genomics, UCSC started a campaign to sequence the mascot’s genome….


Transformation Through Prose 

Transforming the traditional canon proves no easy feat, but the creative writing program’s Living Writers Series does not shy away from the task. On Oct. 9, memoirist Ariel Gore kicked off the series. “Transformations” will serve as a cohesive theme among the authors speaking throughout…


Illuminating a Path Toward Safety 

City of Santa Cruz Commission for the Prevention of Violence Against Women, in partnership with the Walnut Avenue Women’s Center and Monarch Services, hosted their fourth annual Full Moon Walk this month. The walk consists of a candlelight vigil to honor domestic violence survivors and raise awareness to the issue of violence against women.