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29 May 2020

Beyond Physical First Aid 

In a frenzy of exams, essays and classes, students run the risk of neglecting their personal health — whether physical or mental. Since 40 percent of students report feeling depressed to the point that they have trouble functioning, according to the National Alliance on Mental…

Number of Wildfires Grows Over Summer 

Two sepaFire Timelinerate wildfires broke out on campus in August. The first occurred early on Aug. 9 near the North Remote Parking Lot, caused by an improperly extinguished campfire that spread out of control. Campus police Chief Nader Oweis said five fire agencies responded, including the City of Santa Cruz Fire Department, Cal Fire and the City of Scotts Valley Fire Department.


A First Step for Faster Speed 

A new fiber optic line that could lead to increased Internet speeds is undergoing the final stages of planning. Several stakeholders, including UC Santa Cruz, Cruzio Internet, the City of Santa Cruz, Central Coast Broadband Consortium and others collaborated to install the new broadband network that will stretch 91 miles through the Central Coast region.


MAH Redesigning Abbott Square 

A $250,000 grant gives the Museum of Art & History (MAH) the opportunity to reinvent Abbott Square into a central spot for Santa Cruzans visiting downtown. Staff at the MAH have been working to put together the plan to revitalize its outdoor real estate by mid-2015.


Housing Projects on Track 

Stevenson College apartments are completed and are expected to be funded by money recouped in a lawsuit versus Devcon Construction. The regents are seeking an estimated $50 million — $40 million for infill apartment remodeling, $8 million for lost revenue and additional expenses and $2 million for attorney and expert fees. The trial is currently set for January 2015.


September Regents Update 

  Regents Vote to Not Divest from Fossil Fuels During a meeting in September, the UC Regents voted against divestment from fossil fuels after a task force, convened by chief investment officer (CIO) Jagdeep Singh Bachher, presented several recommendations. The report he presented included the…