Social Sciences Receives $7.4 Million in Research Grants

Exploring the dimensions of research grants provided to the social sciences division of UCSC, assistant dean of the division, Kyle Eischen enlightens those who are unfamiliar with the great benefits of research, and researchers are interviewed on what type of projects they’re undertaking.

Jail Expansion Grant Provokes Protest

Activists are up in arms over the proposed expansion of the Rountree county jail facility, funded by a state grant.

Capitola Bans Commercial Marijuana

In addition to denying a building permit application to open a medical marijuana commercial grow, Capitola bans the sale of medical marijuana altogether.

Living Writers Series Delivers Words of Inspiration

The winter quarter Living Writer Series features exclusively UCSC alumni, with Reyna Grande kicking off the series by discussing her creative writing career.

Campus Looks to Enforce Smoking Ban

As of January 1st, UCSC will be implementing new policies, as directed by President Yudof, making it a smoke & tobacco free campus.

Stop, Swab and Save a Life

UCSC Holds Fourth Annual Bone Marrow Donor Registration

Calling All Chocoholics

UCSC Women’s Club will hold the annual Chocolate Festival at Cocoanut Grove this Sunday, Jan. 19

Ivan Mercado Honored at Vigil

A vigil was held for Porter student Ivan Mercado, who passed away on January 11.

Through Our Lens: Into the Ravine

A trove of treasures found in the lesser-traveled realms of the campus wilderness.

Fifth Fire in Five Months

Small fire extinguished near Porter Circle on Wednesday morning