Over 50 enthusiastic Santa Cruzans paddled along the San Lorenzo River in kayaks and canoes on Oct. 12. A city ordinance enacted in 1985 would typically prohibit this type of activity, but the recent River Paddle event served as an opportunity for residents to re-evaluate the river as a recreational area.

Student Workers Protest for Quality of Life and Education

As the crowd chanted “UC turn the page, I demand a higher wage,” a group of about 50 protestors hoisted up signs with several indications of their demands for improving the quality of life for teaching assistants and other student workers.

Exploring New Territory in Experimental Economics

UC Santa Cruz’s experimental economics program performed a new experiment this year — bringing the North American Science Association conference to UCSC for the first time in its 25-year history.

Immigration Policy on its Way to Equality

A series of immigration and equal rights bills have steered their way into Gov. Brown’s office this year for approval, prompting community members to discuss next steps.

City Seeks Solution for Water Concerns

As Santa Cruz faces its second consecutive dry year, potential water shortage is an increasing threat. The city is struggling to reach a consensus on an additional water source.

New Metro Station Planned for January 2018

Banners reading “Reimagine Pacific Station” were recently plastered onto Santa Cruz Metro buses in hopes of sparking conversation about the future of the metro station.

Scotts Valley Police Ride ‘Green’ Machines

Santa Cruz law enforcement agencies will follow Scotts Valley’s lead in introducing the latest technology in their line of duty — electrically-powered motorcycles.

First ‘Ed Talk’ Highlights Inspiring Speakers

Chancellor George Blumenthal and Mayor Hilary Bryant co-hosted the inaugural “Ed Talks” on Oct. 17 in downtown Santa Cruz as a part of the Founders Celebration, a series of events celebrating innovation, creativity and the arts. Inspired by the popular web series “TED Talks,” Ed Talks showcased three UCSC professors, David Haussler, Terrie Williams and Alan Christy, and their respective areas of expertise.

Foundation Forum: A Conversation with Architect Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry, one of modern architecture’s most famous figures, visited UC Santa Cruz this past weekend to discuss some of the highlights and lessons from his illustrative career. Among many other projects, he designed the Walt Disney Music Hall in Los Angeles, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto.

A Conference with Blumenthal and Galloway

City on a Hill Press (CHP): This year marks the 34th year since the inception of TWANAS press collective, or the Third World And...