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11 Aug 2020

Sunrise Hosts Congressional Climate Debate 

At a debate over the future of U.S. climate policy, Adam Bolaños Scow, Democratic challenger for California’s 20th congressional district seat, faced off against an opponent who wasn’t there. “It’s not personal with Jimmy, we just have different priorities,” Bolaños Scow said, speaking of incumbent…


Recall Spearheaded by Outside Forces 

Santa Cruz United (SCU) began its recall campaign in May 2019. Organizers marketed themselves as a grassroots campaign with the intention of removing City Council members Chris Krohn and Drew Glover from office. SCU grounded its campaign on the claims that Krohn and Glover created an…


GABRIELA Comes to Santa Cruz 

When her husband Diego was assassinated, Gabriela Silang took up his role as leader of the revolutionary movement resisting Spanish colonialism in the Philippines. She became an icon in Pilipinx culture, representing the strength of women and the fight for women’s liberation.  In the Philippines today,…