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07 Aug 2020

Graduate Students On Strike 

Graduate students at UC Santa Cruz have had enough. After two months on a grading strike with no action beyond dialogue from the university administration, the Graduate Student Association (GSA) voted to initiate a full teaching strike beginning Feb. 10. The picket drew several hundred…


711 Empty Beds on Campus 

*Pseudonym used at source’s request. It was fall 2019, and on the fifth floor of Building A at Merrill College second-year Archer Willems and his friends decided to turn the empty quintuple room down their hall into the lounge it once was a decade ago. …


UC-AFT and UC Contract Expires 

UC Santa Cruz lecturers held a strike at the base of campus in 2003 for a fair contract and increased job security through continuing appointments. Their demands were seen as radical and progressive at the time, but lecturers succeeded in obtaining a contract that set…


Graduate Students Escalate COLA Fight 

Natalya Jackson is a sixth-year graduate student in the math department. She’s scheduled to graduate in the spring, and has a job lined up when she does. But recently, Jackson received a student conduct violation notice for theft of intellectual properties and forgeries for allegedly…