National Academy of Sciences Elects Two UCSC Professors to Membership

At 6 a.m. the phone rang, awaking James Estes. “Why the hell is someone calling this early?” he thought, groggily picking up the phone. On the other end, the familiar voice of a colleague congratulated him: “Welcome to the National Academy.”Estes remained silent in astonishment. “I literally could not speak,” Estes reflected. “I was so overwhelmed.”

Edge of Eden a Costly Success

By Joel Escobedo, Katie Murar, and Roberto Olmedo With about 3,500 tickets sold, Edge of Eden was the first event in recent history to bring...

César Chávez Convocation Celebrates Latin@ Empowerment

The César Chávez’ Convocation will take place on May 20 at 7 p.m. at colleges Nine and Ten Multi-purpose Room to celebrate the life and mission of the famous civil rights leader, with keynote speaker, activist and Harvard doctorate candidate César Cruz.

Festival Welcomes Diverse Cultures, Food and Music

For 34 years, a festival of culturally-rich performances, food and dancing has united a variety of cultures on one campus. UC Santa Cruz’s 35th...

Dismantling Post-Racialism at UCSC

Engaging Education opens the door for conversation about race with Dr. Sumi Cho

2014 SUA Officer Election Results Announced

Slugs United slate wins, independent EVC candidate elected

Limiting Money, Reforming Elections

Santa Cruz City Council candidates have historically fought for votes by amassing support through campaign contributions, using money as their key into the council....

$1 Million Donation to Expand STEM Programs

A $1 million donation from UC Santa Cruz alumna Julie Packard will create the Dean’s Funds for Diversity in the Sciences, which aims to...

Re-Pledging My Love For Greek Life

Students who frequent UCSC’s Quarry Plaza understand that the first week of the quarter is a game of Minesweeper for those actively trying to avoid contact with UCSC’s Greek letter organizations (GLOs). As a member of a women’s fraternity — a proud sister of Kappa Kappa Gamma — I’ve certainly had my hang-ups about joining a system with such a mysterious and elusive past. If you ask any student at UCSC about GLOs, most of them will murmur something vague about a “koi pond incident” — but nobody seems to know the facts.

SC Workers Celebrate International Labor Day

A day meant to honor working people, Labor Day is celebrated in September in the United States and Canada, while the rest of the world honors working men and women on May 1.