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14 Jul 2020

Mapping the Mountain Lion 

The development of a new collar, termed the SMART collar, will enable researchers to better understand the behavior of mountain lions in the wild. After five years of developing the collar, researchers at UC Santa Cruz published their findings in the journal Science on Oct….


Calling for a Safe Return 

Candles illuminated the night as the community gathered at the Town Clock in downtown Santa Cruz to honor the 43 university students who were kidnapped in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico over a month ago. Signs reading, “They took them alive, alive we want them back” and…


UC Policy Makes Bathrooms All-Gender 

In an effort to make university campuses a more inclusive space for LGBTQ identified students, UC President Janet Napolitano announced the UC-wide conversion of all single-stall restrooms into all-gender restrooms, as well as allowing students to include a preferred name on campus records with their…