Voices from the UAW 2865 Strike

The United Auto Workers (UAW) union gathered around the base of campus early April 2 in protest of unfair labor practices, particularly in Teaching...

Strike Activity Continues After 20 Arrests

UAW 2865 protests at West and East campus entrances

‘Hacking’ the Path to New Opportunities

Hackathon will award a total of $10,000 to student developers

Celebrating Lunar New Year with Friends

Three lions colored the stage, each distinct with their vivid embellishments and colorful shaggy hair. The performance, known as a lion dance, is a...

Mass Sea Star Death Leaves Researchers Perplexed

All along the Pacific coast, from Southern California to British Columbia, sea stars are mysteriously dying. Marine ecologists at UC Santa Cruz tracked this...

Plans in Place for Amping up the Quarry

Committee plans to reconstruct the beautiful but neglected Quarry plaza, plans to be set in stone by this summer.

Protesters Occupy Hahn Student Services

Demonstrations continue against UC President Napolitano’s appointment

UAW Reaches Agreement with UC Administration

TA union granted increase in pay, as well as back pay, for undergraduate TAs

UC Settles Negotiations with AFSCME

Plans for a five-day strike canceled after deal fulfills union’s core demands

Gaining New Insights Through Old Journals

History and literature lecturer Bruce Thompson argues that historians are interested in two questions: how do we explain the emergence of the world as we know it? How do we see the lives of people who came before us on their own terms?