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06 Aug 2020

Re-Pledging My Love For Greek Life 

Students who frequent UCSC’s Quarry Plaza understand that the first week of the quarter is a game of Minesweeper for those actively trying to avoid contact with UCSC’s Greek letter organizations (GLOs). As a member of a women’s fraternity — a proud sister of Kappa Kappa Gamma — I’ve certainly had my hang-ups about joining a system with such a mysterious and elusive past. If you ask any student at UCSC about GLOs, most of them will murmur something vague about a “koi pond incident” — but nobody seems to know the facts.


Protesting 99 Years of Denial 

With their mouths covered by red tape, the students lowered themselves to the ground and formed a circle of bodies in the middle of Quarry Plaza. Some passers-by slowed as they approached, directing curious glances at the protesters, while others stopped to read their handmade…