A Conference with Blumenthal and Galloway

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SUA’s Inaugural Meeting Establishes New Staff

The first Student Union Assembly (SUA) meeting of the academic year, held on Oct. 15, served as an introduction to the six new SUA officers. SUA Chair Shaz Umer served as internal vice chair last year but the remaining five are first time officers who join the new SUA adviser Alma Sifuentes.

UCSC Launches $300 Million Fundraiser

Using the slogan “Give, Don’t Give In,” UC Santa Cruz’s first ever comprehensive fundraising campaign launched publicly on Oct. 18 by Chancellor George Blumenthal during a luncheon at the University House. Joined by around 200 guests, Chancellor Blumenthal added that the campaign already reached half of its goal in effectively raising $150 million to fund its overall mission of improving student life.

Practical Activism Addresses Social Justice Issues

Greeted by smiling students, jazzy tunes and a row of booths offering everything from bagels to information on the Syrian Conflict, students crowded into the College Nine and Ten multipurpose room on Oct. 19 to partake in the 11th annual Practical Activism Conference.

Protesters Denounce Napolitano

Protestors came together on Oct. 18 to rally against former U.S. secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano’s appointment as the new president of the University of California.

CALPIRG Seeks to Prepare Students for Health Care Reform

When forced to take a leave of absence last year due to health reasons, second-year student and student health care advocate with the California Public Interest Research Group for Students (CALPIRG) Amy Coffin said she had learned firsthand the importance of health care coverage.

Fire Near Hahn Ruled as Arson

A fire that was ignited in a ravine below Hahn Student Services was the most recent in a series of fires on or near campus. The fire took place on Oct. 9 and was responded to at 2:40 p.m. UCSC chief-of police Nader Oweis said a Cal Fire investigator found that the fire was caused by arson.

A Sliver of Change for Native American Women

Artistically, the moon has a distinct set of associations — cycles, progress, mystique and femininity, all of which are captured in Dr. Carolyn Dunn’s directorial take on “Sliver of a Full Moon.” Dr. Carolyn Dunn is the director of the American Indian Resource Center, as well as a lecturer, playwright, director, author and poet.

UC Implements Last Offer for Service Employees

The University of California is an institution built for opportunity, not just for students, but for its workers too. However these workers — the custodians, gardeners, food-service workers and facilities maintenance staff — have been working without a contract since February.

In Memoriam: Kayla Hallee

Merrill student Kayla Hallee’s body was found off the coast of Santa Barbara on Aug. 27. The 20-year-old was at the cusp of her third year at UCSC after taking a leave of absence during the 2012-2013 school year. Hallee would have returned to UCSC in the fall as an environmental studies major.