Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Stoked on Spokes

The purpose behind bike riding can be different for everyone. Some people want to go fast and others just want to get to their destination.

Choir Brings Classical France to Campus

UCSC Chamber Singers perform classic music by famous French composers

Camp Kesem Reaches Out to Santa Cruz

Camp Kesem, a non-profit summer camp for kids with a parent who has cancer, has established a chapter at UCSC. Student volunteers for the organization hope to raise awareness and funds from the community with aspirations to help local kids.

New Leaf Enters New Seasons

Portland-based grocery chain New Seasons announced its purchase of New Leaf Community Market on Nov. 12.

Planting One Million Trees, One at a Time

Laura Webber, a high school junior, started the 4-H Million Trees Project (4HMT) as a way to combat climate change.

Bicycle Pump Track Rolls Into Westside

Santa Cruz mountain biking community led by Another Bike Shop completes construction of SC’s first bicycle pump track.

Deconstructing the National Defense Authorization Act

The Romero Institute is working to strengthen Santa Cruz’s April 10, 2012 anti-NDAA resolution and to make Santa Cruz a Constitutional Protection Zone.

Santa Cruz Considers Mandating Microchips

Santa Cruz may become the first county in the state to require microchip identification for cats and dogs.

Compost: A Path to a Greener Community

In a landscape full of potentially harmful, genetically modified foods, many health conscious people are turning toward organically grown produce, though high costs for organic products can prevent even the healthiest eaters from getting the natural fruits and vegetables they desire. However, there is hope as sustainable gardening and composting techniques have made organic foods not only delicious but also affordable.

Permanent Camp for the Houseless Proposed

High school teacher Stacy Falls and filmmaker Brent Adams are working together to create an alternative solution for houselessness in Santa Cruz. However, before they can establish their vision for a permanent campground for up to 50 houseless people, Adams and Falls must gain support from the community and its leaders.