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12 Jun 2021

Distorting Asian American Identities 

Asian Americans, 27 percent of the UC Santa Cruz student body, are often viewed as model Americans — an idea partly rooted in anti-Blackness. This “model minority myth” ignores effects of structural racism on Asian American communities and demands perfection from Asian American students. High…


Bear Fire Continues 

While about 11,000 emergency responders from throughout California and several other states are battling to contain firestorms devastating Northern California, Santa Cruz County is facing a fire of its own. The Santa Cruz County fire, known as Bear Fire, is burning near Boulder Creek, 19…


Living in Silence 

While other UC Santa Cruz seniors are anxious to find a job after graduation, Antonio’s* biggest concern is being able to live in the only home he has ever known — the U.S. He is one of 800,000 undocumented residents whose future in the next…


‘Sanctuary’ Undefined 

The letters preluded the ICE arrests. They began arriving about five months ago, sending anxiety and confusion into the already uneasy undocumented Santa Cruz community, while sparking questions of what a sanctuary county promises. The public defender’s office has received 19 letters since the beginning…


A Matter of Choice 

Kathy Rock swam three miles every week. She spent hours walking her American pitbull, Stella Blue, in Delaveaga Park near her Santa Cruz home. Camping trips in Yosemite were a regular occurrence, where she would sleep next to the Merced River at nightfall. Sprightly beyond…

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