Friday, February 28, 2020

UC’s Contradictions About Student Activism

UC Santa Cruz has spent 50 years touting itself as a bastion of radical politics tucked between the redwoods. Its slogan, “The original authority...

The UC Celebrates 150 years of Inequality

This year, the University of California celebrates “150 years of pioneering a better future.” While the UC celebrates, its Black female university workers are...

Stalling on Trans Rights

Four years ago, Vice President Joe Biden said transgender discrimination “is the civil rights issue of our time.” North Carolina’s blatantly transphobic bathroom law...

Empty Promises

For millions of Americans drowning in student debt, relief seemed to be just around the corner. It was 2007 and Congress had just passed...

The Proposal Heard ‘Round the Nation

President Barack Obama is on the brink of revolutionizing our education system. In an unexpected announcement on Jan. 7, he proposed to provide two...

Affirmative Action Must Stay

Few things are more unsettling to a privileged individual than feeling at a disadvantage. Privilege has a way of hiding itself in day-to-day life,...

American Propaganda and American Sniper

The Oscars were last month. Though the nominees this year were more white and male than usual, one of a handful of moments gave...

Epidemic of Hate

Around Thanksgiving Day, a holiday when most Americans reflect on values of gratitude and community, the group “Americans for a Better Way” sent anonymous...

Swiping Past the Small-Talk

I have witnessed my friend play the game of swiping left or right for potential dates again and again. From afar, I judged the dating app Tinder to be superficial.

Steubenville Sentence Signals Need for Change

The light-handed convictions of Ma'lik Richmond and Trent Mays appeared to stir a tablespoon too much of sugared sympathy on behalf of CNN. This is a major disappointment on behalf of not only the victim and her family, but also on behalf of justice nationwide. City on a Hill Press condemns the coverage of CNN on this issue.