I Am Not a Doll

Illustration by Manne Green There is a difference between giving someone a compliment and exoticizing them.


Stop Policing our Bodies and Our Marches

It’s impossible to dismantle an oppressive system if you partner with its  agents. And yet, the Santa Cruz Women’s March (SCWM) is partnering with the...

How to Reuse Your Last Issue of CHP

Reduce, reuse, recycle. It’s the phrase we all learned in elementary school to teach us to recycle, but the reduce and reuse...

Imperialism in the Aisles

              Anyone who has been to Trader Joe’s will recognize its 19th century periodical style illustrations. These historical cartoons are meant to be comical, but...

The UC is Committed to Free Speech, Not to Students

Illustration by Sabrina Ilumin Students feeling safe and represented on campus comes second to upholding free speech at...