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06 Aug 2020

How to Reuse Your Last Issue of CHP 

Reduce, reuse, recycle. It’s the phrase we all learned in elementary school to teach us to recycle, but the reduce and reuse aspects are becoming more important. In January of last year, China stopped accepting most U.S. recycling for processing, and UC Santa Cruz has…


Imperialism in the Aisles 

              Anyone who has been to Trader Joe’s will recognize its 19th century periodical style illustrations. These historical cartoons are meant to be comical, but their subtext is dark. From popcorn to paper towels, recognizing the history of imperialism…


My Body, My Business 

“Fat” isn’t a bad word until you make it one. I am fat and I am beautiful. Those terms aren’t mutually exclusive. For every person on the internet telling a fat person to lose weight, there are thousands more fat people rolling their eyes, including…


Stop Asking Why 

I’ve been trying to explain to others (and myself) why I decided to transfer from Boston University (BU) to UC Santa Cruz, for over a year. Often I give the easy answers. I missed California. I couldn’t handle another East Coast winter. The culture of…


Spirit of the Game 

A special mixture of adrenaline, pride and nausea. This is my reward at the end of a three-hour ultimate Frisbee practice. The UC Santa Cruz women’s ultimate team, Sol, possesses a free-spirited culture unlike any other sport I’ve played and teaches me how to be…