Let Puerto Rico Decide

Illustration by Lisa Bizuneh  About 97 percent of voters in Puerto Rico voted in favor of statehood in...

Religious Health Care has No Place at UC

Illustration by Manne Green Doctors pledge to do no harm, but at Dignity Health piety outweighs medical responsibility. 

A Bachelor’s Degree in White Privilege

Illustration by Manne Green The college admissions scandal of 2019 revealed which of the following:

Why is Nobody Talking About the Internment of Uyghur Muslims?

China is enforcing apartheid, and not enough people are talking about it. The Uyghur people are being put into concentration camps for being Muslim, but China is calling it “re-education.”

First Amendment, Last Priority

Illustration by Darin Connolly Ever get that eerie feeling that somebody is watching you? So did a number...

Trump Aborts Freedom of Choice

Illustration by Darin Connolly You choose to get an abortion because you realize you are not financially ready...

Detention Centers Aren’t Daycares

Illustration by Manne Green It doesn’t matter if you’re 30 years old or 30 days old. To ICE,...

Have you Heard of Herd Immunity?

In a society on the cutting edge of medical research and technology, the number and prevalence of diseases should be on the decline. Yet in 2019, diseases once considered eradicated are resurfacing.

Eco Consumerism Won’t Save Us

Illustration by Franky Olivares A motto of 21st century environmentalism is to live simply and make sustainable choices,...

The NFL Doesn’t Own Inglewood

Illustration by Franky Olivares. Tech and entertainment giants are displacing low-income families all over California, and Inglewood is...