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19 Oct 2021

When Competition Saves Lives 

In most cases, when a product is too expensive, consumers seek out cheaper alternatives, using generic versions of brand name goods. Competition is supposed to prevent brands from overcharging  customers.  But what if alternatives are being kept off the market? What stops a company from…


What the Frack 

Along with wildfires and earthquakes, California faces another environmental threat — the U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) obsession with fracking. The BLM released a report on April 25 labeling one million acres — three times the size of the city of Los Angeles —…


Open Access for All 

Researchers spend months, often years, developing their work before sharing their findings with the world. Once they go through a publication company they often lose the rights to their research. Readers must pay to read their work and the researchers still don’t make a profit….


Let Puerto Rico Decide 

 About 97 percent of voters in Puerto Rico voted in favor of statehood in a nonbinding referendum in 2017. The U.S. federal government disregarded the vote, neglecting Puerto Ricans’ call for representation.  This undermines any remaining claim of democracy our country can make.  Christopher Columbus…

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