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20 Sep 2020

The Price of Innocence 

“Innocent until proven guilty” is woven into our country’s Constitution. But California’s bail system fixes an exorbitant and discriminatory price tag on the right to be treated as innocent. In practice, “innocent until proven guilty, if you have the money,” is more accurate. The bail…


SNAP Out of It 

Congress is turning 46 million people away from access to healthy food while they sit on their privileged pedestal in D.C. debating legislation that perpetuates stigma around food insecurity. The Trump administration’s projected 2019 fiscal budget proposes a 30 percent funding rollback for the Supplemental…


Left in the Dark 

It has been five months since the waves of tropical hurricanes devastated southern states and U.S. territories in the Caribbean Sea. For weeks, push notifications trafficked the cell phones of millions, each carrying bleak updates of death tolls, desperate supply needs and more storms yet…


Forgotten Voices 

The rise of the #MeToo movement has amplified the voices of the historically silenced. It has seized the microphone from the powerful and passed it to the previously powerless, providing a long-overdue platform for survivors of sexual abuse. One critical voice, however, is still inaudible:…