Affording an Unpaid Internship

With summer just around the quarter, students are in a mad rush for some sort of work experience. Unfortunately, some can’t afford it. Entry-level positions are being replaced by internships in almost every field from film production to accounting. This is more than just not ok — it’s illegal. Thousands of companies are labeling their employees as interns so they can either pay them very little, or nothing at all.

Not There Yet, Napolitano

UC President Janet Napolitano recently visited Mexico, but not for reasons you might expect. She spent a couple of days meeting with important figureheads...

Lethal Injections Lawsuit Demands Transparency

On the day Clayton Lockett was sentenced to be executed in Oklahoma, something went wrong. He should have died immediately, but instead­ he suffered for 43 minutes, writhing and convulsing in pain. Eventually, one of his veins ruptured, causing him to have a heart attack and die.

Recovering an Erased History

On the walkway from the bookstore to McHenry Library, in the wooded ravine below Hahn Student Services and the road, there’s a bell that reads, “El Camino Real,” or “The Royal Road.” This modest looking steel bell honors the pathway taken by Spanish missionaries as they traversed the California coast.

Not So Dorky After All

I have spent my entire life wearing superhero t-shirts and spending a few days each summer at the geek capital of the world, Comic-Con.

Letter to the Editors: Alumni Urge SUA to Retain USSA Membership

Dear Student Union Assembly Officers and Representatives, As alumni of UCSC and the Student Union Assembly, we write to urge you to retain membership in...

A Need For Mindful Water Use

After you crawl out of bed and hop into the shower, you may find yourself pondering life’s questions during your daily 15-minute soak session. Ponder somewhere else. You just used half of your allotted water for the day.

Maintaining Avenues of Remedial Education

Many students attend community college with the intention of later transferring to a four-year university. Some students, however, have no plans to pursue a...

“Exotic” but not Equal

The most beautiful woman in the world is hardly recognizable under the sheer volume of controversy.

Issues of Sexual Assault Hit Close to Home

Whether it receives national coverage or is buried within a campus survey, the issue of sexual violence and how it is addressed pertains to every university.