Pardon Our Overcrowded Prisons

There are currently about 17,200 students attending UC Santa Cruz. If our university was representative of the total American population, 120 of our peers would currently be behind bars, as on average 1 out of every 143 Americans is currently incarcerated. The country that likes to refer to itself as “the home of the free” in fact currently houses more than 2.2 million inmates — a quarter of the world’s total prison population.

Why the Monetization of Facebook is a Given

If you open the Facebook login page, the first thing you see is the statement “Free. And Always Will Be” clearly below the spaces for your email and password. The catchphrase was meant to denounce rumors of Facebook creating a gold membership status for users who would be willing to pay for “extra” features in their social media experience. But now it’s seen as a broken promise to users who argue Facebook has done them wrong by monetizing pages outreach.

A High-Minded Chair

While returning students have likely come to expect annual public safety alerts about 4/20 from the UCSC police department around April 20, the university’s top student representative recently sent an unexpected email to the student body criticizing this event and urging students not to attend.

India Paves the Way to Gender Progress

India’s Supreme Court officially recognized the addition of a “third-gender” category in a landmark ruling on April 15, bringing LGBT international attention in the media. Judges and lawmakers in the U.S. should pick up the pace.

The Problem With Twitter Activism

Twitter activism like this does not foster discussion, it forms a mob mentality.

Toppling Colbert

Stephen Colbert had it coming. While fans of his show may have long fawned over his excessive satire and self-congratulatory antics, it is time for them to recognize that his “Colbert” persona is a thinly veiled excuse for perpetuating harmful stereotypes and problematic images.

Caged From Compassion

Whether in a cramped cage or in a vast ocean, animals deserve more than selective morality.

Why I’d Rather Play Grand Theft Auto Right Now

Imagine building your dream car out of blood money. Imagine making $18,000 for “picking up” some documents from a lawyer who you may or may not have killed. You befriend a stripper named Nikki and call her when you’re feeling lonely. The way you live your virtual life is only limited by the virtual money you make in Rockstar Games’ newest title “Grand Theft Auto: Online (GTA).”

Arrests a Poor Substitute for Negotiations

After 22 UC Santa Cruz students were arrested in last week’s United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 2865 strike, any attempt at a peaceful protest was lost. The strikers were charged with allegedly blocking roads and UCSC’s West entrance, which left the UC police within their right to arrest protesters.

Choose Life for Overdose Victims

The first sign of a heroin overdose is a slowed pulse. The victim’s pupils shrink to small dots and their breathing shallows until, eventually, it stops — unless they are treated with a nasal spray called naloxone.