Breach of Privacy, Breach of Power

The next time you enjoy a casual Skype conversation with your family, there is a chance the government may be listening in.

Census Has No Place Asking About Immigration Status

The U.S. Census, already riddled with inaccuracy due to undercounting of immigrant, inner-city and houseless communities, stands to have its data further tainted in...

The Problem With Twitter Activism

Twitter activism like this does not foster discussion, it forms a mob mentality.

Films Flunk Under Feminist Scrutiny

Sitting down in a movie theater often has a peaceful effect, probably because the audience is getting a break from reality by being submerged in a fictional story for a couple of hours. While quietly consuming concessions, many audience members are not aware they may be watching a film perpetuating issues of gender inequality.

The Moment is Now

Comprehensive Immigration Bill needs to be more fair

In Defense of Girls

A defense of the controversial HBO television show 'Girls.'

Submission: A letter to you, from the UC Student Association

Students don’t have lobbyists, don’t have focus groups, and don’t have Political Action Committees funding candidates that uplift our issues. Students are our own...

Deportation in the Shadows

As America watches border patrol agents throw gas canisters and tear children from their parents at the nation’s southern border, the White House is...

Vote Like Lives Depend on it

What made you mad in the last two years?  Maybe it was the president saying it’s alright to violate women,  the U.S. leaving the Paris...

We Believe Dr. Blasey Ford

Why are you afraid of flying? Why do you have two front doors? What music was playing when you were leaving the party? None...