Changing Colleges’ Response to Sexual Assaults

A 19-year-old female UC Santa Barbara student reported to UCSB police that she was beaten and raped by multiple men in Isla Vista, Santa...

Jail Expansion Would Be Step in Wrong Direction

The United States accounts for roughly 5 percent of the world’s total population, but 25 percent of its total prisoners. This is the net...

Learning to Love Despite the Distance

In today’s world, it’s hard to plan your life around another person. With all the opportunities for travel, the numerous methods of communication available...

Coaches Deserve Fair Pay

UCSC women’s basketball coach Todd Kent holds practices five days a week beginning at 5 a.m. The team is having their strongest season in...

Wealth Cushions Youth’s Fall

While the U.S. crime policy focuses more on punitive measures rather than rehabilitation, it is vital young offenders are given the option to turn...

State Government Leads Community Colleges Astray

This semester Long Beach City College (LBCC) introduced a two-tiered pricing plan to accommodate for impacted or high-demand classes. Instead of classes costing $46...

Between the Laptop and the Bedroom

As an ever-present medium of sexual desire permeating our lives — primarily via the Internet — porn has taken a deep root in our collective conceptions of intimacy, affecting how we relate to sex and sexual practice both virtually and in reality.

The Easy Way Out

Since 2011, the Student Union Assembly (SUA) proposed three measures — one of which was voted on twice — and all of these failed to pass. A recent proposal from the SUA seems to suggest this is a reflection of student apathy and not necessarily SUA’s inability to market their measures or create resolutions reflecting the concerns of the student body.

Letter to the Editor

In a recent issue of City on a Hill Press, the Student Union Assembly (SUA) outlined their pursuit to host a “large scale music festival.”

Swiping Past the Small-Talk

I have witnessed my friend play the game of swiping left or right for potential dates again and again. From afar, I judged the dating app Tinder to be superficial.