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30 May 2020

Why I’d Rather Play Grand Theft Auto Right Now 

Imagine building your dream car out of blood money. Imagine making $18,000 for “picking up” some documents from a lawyer who you may or may not have killed. You befriend a stripper named Nikki and call her when you’re feeling lonely. The way you live your virtual life is only limited by the virtual money you make in Rockstar Games’ newest title “Grand Theft Auto: Online (GTA).”


Coaches Deserve Fair Pay 

UCSC women’s basketball coach Todd Kent holds practices five days a week beginning at 5 a.m. The team is having their strongest season in program history, and they’re on the way to their first-ever NCAA tournament appearance. Kent is a part-time employee, but with practices…


Wealth Cushions Youth’s Fall 

While the U.S. crime policy focuses more on punitive measures rather than rehabilitation, it is vital young offenders are given the option to turn their lives around and change their behavior. By providing adequately implemented rehabilitation programs, criminals can turn around “changeable behaviors,” which are…