Friday, April 3, 2020

The Controversy Over ‘Vagina’

daho biology teacher, Tim McDaniels, received complaints from some students’ parents about his use of the word “vagina”. This incident is a microcosm of a nation-wide apprehensiveness to talk about sex and its consequences.

The Moment is Now

Comprehensive Immigration Bill needs to be more fair

Occupy the Media

The time has come to take control of the media out of the hands of an elite few.

Public Discourse 4.18.13

Public Discourse for the week of April 18th

Living Without Prison Bars

Local organization Sin Barras works to stop jail expansion, improve healthcare for inmates and end inhumane incarceration conditions.

A Call for Transparency

City on a Hill Press's statement of support for California's AB 1291, colloquially referred to as the Right to Know Act.

Steubenville Sentence Signals Need for Change

The light-handed convictions of Ma'lik Richmond and Trent Mays appeared to stir a tablespoon too much of sugared sympathy on behalf of CNN. This is a major disappointment on behalf of not only the victim and her family, but also on behalf of justice nationwide. City on a Hill Press condemns the coverage of CNN on this issue.

In Defense of Girls

A defense of the controversial HBO television show 'Girls.'

Balancing Out the Playing Field

The male contraceptive is far overdue.

In Favor of Humility

Why the best way to carry one’s self through life is with an air of humility and the spirit of questioning.