Wednesday, February 26, 2020

House to Vote On Impeachment

Over 300 Protestors gather in front of the Santa Cruz Town Clock on Dec 17. Photo by Haneen Zain

Through Our Lens: ‘South Central Love’

Long after most students have gone home for the night, Edgar Cruz is hard at work in the art department darkroom, listening...

Camp Phoenix Residents Evicted for Trespassing

Photo courtesy of Alicia Kuhl Within a week of its opening, Santa Cruz police evicted over 50...

City Council Approves West Cliff Housing Development

The City Council approved a new, high-density housing development, just a stone’s throw west of the Santa...

Picture (Im)perfect

Illustration by Sabrina Ilumin If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then novelist, photographer, critic and curator Teju...

Janus Workers Strike for Living Wage

A small group of employees and those striking in solidarity gathered in front of the Janus offices. Photo by Lluvia Moreno...

Bring Abortion Services to Public Universities

In defiance of the anti-choice movement consuming U.S. politics, the California Senate just passed Senate Bill 24...

Gopal Balakrishnan Dismissed from UCSC

On the recommendation of UC Santa Cruz Chancellor Cynthia Larive, the University of California Regents resolved to dismiss Gopal Balakrishnan on Sept....