Chancellors, Students Address UC Board of Regents

The UC Board of Regents convened on Wednesday, March 16 to discuss how the University of California will address another half-billion dollar drop in state funding from Governor Brown's proposed budget.

Through our Lens

In the past few weeks there has been quite a bit of rain that has kept me in a simple routine of staying indoors....

Through Our Lens

After leaving the poker rooms and the packed windowless casinos hotboxed with cigarette smoke, we jetted on, windows down. We charged away from the claustrophobic clang of slot machines and onto the open road. Arizona, New Mexico, Texas. We kept driving.

Housing Projects on Track

Stevenson College apartments are completed and are expected to be funded by money recouped in a lawsuit versus Devcon Construction. The regents are seeking an estimated $50 million — $40 million for infill apartment remodeling, $8 million for lost revenue and additional expenses and $2 million for attorney and expert fees. The trial is currently set for January 2015.

Fifth Annual Campus Holi Festival

Story and photos by Lindsey Vande Wege Bass vibrations echoed across campus, drawing interested students and families to the fifth annual UCSC Holi Festival on...

Through Our Lens

Driving into the Santa Cruz Mountains it is often safer to focus on the winding road ahead than to look around you. But through the forest to either side of the highway is dispersed a vibrant community of viticulturalists and vintners involved in a renowned wine industry.

India Paves the Way to Gender Progress

India’s Supreme Court officially recognized the addition of a “third-gender” category in a landmark ruling on April 15, bringing LGBT international attention in the media. Judges and lawmakers in the U.S. should pick up the pace.

Supporting Sustainable Projects Through the Carbon Fund

A lighting retrofit for the Santa Cruz Wharf, a bike generator for local youth and an energy dashboard to provoke behavior change are just some of the student projects chosen by the Carbon Fund committee last year. Now entering its fourth year, the Carbon Fund has supported 20 projects since its start in 2010.

Violent Crime Rises in Santa Cruz County

Two violent encounters occurred near the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk last weekend, along with three shootings in Watsonville from last Thursday to Sunday and...

Sexual Harassment and Assault Allegations Build Against UCSC Professor

Content warning: This article contains references to sexual harassment and assault. *Name has been changed to protect the anonymity of this source **Gopal Balakrishnan is...