Seeking Statewide Action

The UC Santa Cruz chapter of the California Public Interest Group (CALPIRG) convinced Santa Cruz City Council on Jan. 23 to adopt a resolution...

Through Our Lens: Trailer Park

Beyond Kresge College and near the Heller Drive trailhead lies a neighborhood brimming with a comforting trance, artistic expression and unconventional housing. Founded in...
Illustration by Caetano Santos

In the Spirit of Swabbing

Student charity is exemplified in this year's Bone Marrow Donor Registration Drive, as team of 96 volunteers work to put on the event. In coordination with the largest bone marrow donation center in the world students gather interest and register themselves in the event.

O’Neill Coldwater Classic

City on a Hill Press Photography Editor Sal Ingram takes us into the breakneck world of professional surfing in his photo essay of this year's O'Neill Coldwater Classic.

A Guide to Riding Safely

Uber and Lyft are advertised as secure modes of transportation for college students. With 750,000 drivers and...

Through Our Lens

The world around us, as captured by the photographers of City on a Hill Press.     {This Week's Wallpapers} To get this week's wallpapers, visit This Week's...

Taking Psychedelics to the Next Level

On February 15, over 350 students, professors, and community members gathered at the Humanities Lecture Hall to hear James Fadiman speak about psychedelic drugs.

UC Lawsuit Proposes to Extend DACA

The UC Office of the President (UCOP) asked federal courts last week to keep the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program intact while...

En Route to Representation

The midterm elections were a pivotal victory for progress in the U.S. Women, people of color and the LGBTQIA+ community gained more Congressional and...

Sunrise Comes to Santa Cruz

Tired of politicians dragging their feet on climate policy, youth activists are taking the lead. Gathering at the Walnut Commons on Feb....