A Need For Mindful Water Use

After you crawl out of bed and hop into the shower, you may find yourself pondering life’s questions during your daily 15-minute soak session. Ponder somewhere else. You just used half of your allotted water for the day.

Through our Lens

The world around us, as captured by the photographers of City on a Hill Press.

Through Our Lens

UCLA DANCE MARATHON Since its inception in 2002, DM has sought to empower the UCLA campus community in the fight against pediatric AIDS, raising awareness...

Through Our Lens

This week in photos, take a look around the piers in San Francisco and venture further into all the sites and beauty that the city has to offer.

Through Our Lens

This week in Through Our Lens Toby Silverman used seven rolls of film while taking a 100 block walk through Manhattan; from 125th to SoHo to the Alphabet blocks and down to the Brooklyn Bridge, he documented the shapes and skyscrapers of our nation's busiest city.

Searching for Answers in the Wake of Raids

The Santa Cruz Police Department (SCPD) vowed to rebuild trust with the community after a series of immigration-related arrests were made on Feb. 13...

Boutique ‘Shimmies’ Way Into SC Fashion Scene

Hidden between a Quizno's and the 1010 Pacific Apartments downtown, sits a new independently owned retail therapy gem.

Through Our Lens: Devika Agarwal

Santana Row in San Jose offers a beautiful urban escape from repetitive school days. Walking down the row there are a variety of places...

Get a CLUE: Santa Cruz vs. the LRDP

bout 85 percent of UC Santa Cruz students report experiencing problems with overcrowding, according to SUA’s Resolution on Over Enrollment. Despite being located in...

Public Discourse

Have you or anyone you know experienced racial profiling in Santa Cruz area?