At the Boardwalk

Depending on the time of year – or even the time of day - the Santa Cruz boardwalk can take on a very different...

Eleven Things to Know Going Into Your First Year

A first year at college is full of lessons and mistakes that stick with you and help your growth later in life. The City on a Hill Press staff put together a list of some of the experiences they wish they knew about before they began their four-year trek through UC Santa Cruz.

District 29 Democratic Elections

Local Democrats voting in an election to select the area’s delegates to the Democratic State Convention arrived to the event early in the morning,...

March on the Dining Hall

About 60 students and unionized workers gathered in front of the Cowell/Stevenson dining hall Feb. 1 to picket for a fair labor contract with...

Kinks, Coils and The Culture

My natural hair is my favorite part of all my African American features, and it provides me the bliss I need to combat daily...

Upper Campus is a 10-Ticket Ride

If you came to Santa Cruz with something that has two wheels, pedals, a saddle, and grips for each hand, then it’s time you...

Through Our Lens

This week in photos, Photo Editor Isaac Miller looks at interesting Santa Cruz houses with unique architecture, and processes them using High Dynamic Range. This digital tool creates a surrealistic effect, translating the photographer's perception of these buildings onto the page.

En Route to Representation

The midterm elections were a pivotal victory for progress in the U.S. Women, people of color and the LGBTQIA+ community gained more Congressional and...

Restructuring of NCAA Athletics

As the contracts for coaches in UC Santa Cruz NCAA athletics approached their annual renewal in June, most of the staff was optimistic for...

This Week in Photos

Fire near ARC intentionally set by unknown person