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17 Oct 2021

Balling on a Budget 

After winning the conference championship last year, the women’s lacrosse team’s excitement quickly faded. Despite defeating Santa Barbara Community College (SBCC) for a spot in nationals, UC Santa Cruz stayed home while SBCC made the trip to compete in Denver, Colorado.

“It was hard to know we couldn’t compete at the highest level because of funding,” said women’s club lacrosse captain Ashley Bark. “It made us realize how important it was to fundraise. It was frustrating.”


Kicking Up Sand 

Bicycle kicks, scissor kicks and scorpion kicks aren’t very common on soccer pitches, but when it comes to beach soccer, players are flying around like daredevils. More players are being drawn to the sport because of the stunt-like and exciting moves it involves through its…


Slugfest Levels the Playing Field 

Instead of competing on the field this past Saturday, a few players from the UC Santa Cruz women’s soccer team were on the other side of the ball — as referees, wearing t-shirts and whistles instead of jerseys. It was the team’s third annual eight-versus-eight,…


Cut From a Tougher Cloth 

Broken legs, broken arms, dislocated fingers, strained tendons, muscles and facial fractures — these are all common injuries in rugby. Not everyone can withstand the rough and competitive nature of the sport, but the women of the UC Santa Cruz rugby team are an exception….

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