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18 Sep 2020

Down But Not Out 

UC Santa Cruz swim coach Kim Musch said he lost a potential of 40 promising incoming student swimmers in the last few years due to the threat of losing NCAA sports at UCSC. This uncertainty expanded beyond swimming, affecting all NCAA coaches as they were…


The Legacy of O’Neill 

Surfing legend Jack O’Neill and founder of the O’Neill surf brand, died of natural causes on June 2 at the age of 94 surrounded by family and friends in the comfort of his home in Santa Cruz, California. O’Neill was recognized by his black eye…


Using Campus as a Dance Studio 

The sign-ups for the Office of Physical Education, Recreation and Sports (OPERS) dance studio are posted every Monday at 10:30 a.m. Leaders of dance groups independent of OPERS scramble to sign up for a practice time and showing up 10 minutes late could cost them the…


Deconstructing Measure 68 

What is Measure 68? For the past four years, the Chancellor’s Office has temporarily provided $1 million in funding for NCAA athletics with the intention of ending institutional support by fall 2018. Measure 68 is a student fee referendum intended to support NCAA athletics at…


Santa Cruz on the Rocks 

Looking up at Sharma Arête — the name of a boulder in Castle Rock State Park — an unassuming visitor may not give it a second look. But UC Santa Cruz student Aldric Azucena looks up it and sees a toe hold and a place…


From East Field to East Remote 

This season, UC Santa Cruz men’s lacrosse has been hard at work perfecting its stick checks, face-offs and conditioning. Players have been pushed to the limits, running two hour practices four times a week to build strength and endurance. Only, unlike other seasons, they’re not…


Tackling Whitewater 

The American River pulls Daniel Maynard and Gus Koshy toward Satan’s Cesspool, a section of whitewater named for its ferocity. As Maynard disappears into the churning water, Koshy tries to keep his kayak straight — but is eventually thrown off and dunked into the river….