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28 Sep 2021

Santa Cruz on the Rocks 

Looking up at Sharma Arête — the name of a boulder in Castle Rock State Park — an unassuming visitor may not give it a second look. But UC Santa Cruz student Aldric Azucena looks up it and sees a toe hold and a place…


From East Field to East Remote 

This season, UC Santa Cruz men’s lacrosse has been hard at work perfecting its stick checks, face-offs and conditioning. Players have been pushed to the limits, running two hour practices four times a week to build strength and endurance. Only, unlike other seasons, they’re not…


Tackling Whitewater 

The American River pulls Daniel Maynard and Gus Koshy toward Satan’s Cesspool, a section of whitewater named for its ferocity. As Maynard disappears into the churning water, Koshy tries to keep his kayak straight — but is eventually thrown off and dunked into the river….


Slugapalooza Cycles Into Santa Cruz 

In second place, UCSC road cyclist Thomas Schwemberger cranks down Coolidge Drive, maxing out his gears trying to catch Stanford’s Anthony Beron. After nearly 24 miles, the final lap left him just shy of first. After this winter’s rain postponed the race for a month,…


SUGB, SUA Oppose OPERS’ Funding Plan 

Members of the Student Union Governance Board (SUGB) have mobilized in response to the Office of Physical Education, Recreation and Sports’ (OPERS) plan to use the Student Life Facilities Fee Reserve Fund to finance a projected $2 million renovation to the swimming pool filtration system….

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