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18 Sep 2020

Planetary Movement 

In his first semester as a Ph.D. candidate in the astronomy department at Harvard University, UC Santa Cruz alumnus and cross-country athlete Theron Carmichael is once again breaking personal bests. Carmichael ran a marathon in his first three months in Cambridge, Massachusetts with other graduate…


Slugs On Ice 

Growing up in Canada, sophomore Nicki Thompson’s life always involved hockey — until she came to UC Santa Cruz. For the first year of her college experience, she wasn’t able to participate in the sport she played since she could walk because there wasn’t a…


A Balancing Act 

Two of the most loyal Slug fans are also the tiniest — 4-year old Hazel and 7-year-old Frances. Hazel likes when she can get ice cream after the women’s basketball games, and when the games are short. Frances likes basketball, but more notably watching the…