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Don’t know much about student government? It’s ok, check out our SUA Elections Guide!


2016 SUA Candidate Interviews

President Candidate Ray A. Inoue https://vimeo.com/album/1947253/video/166242614 VP of Internal Affairs Candidate Grace Shefcik https://vimeo.com/album/1947253/video/166255730 VP of External Affairs CandidateJudith Gutierrez https://vimeo.com/166272671 VP for Diversity and Inclusion Candidate Eli O. Guzman-Martin https://vimeo.com/album/1947253/video/166254573 VP for Diversity and Inclusion Candidate...

Student Fees on Next Week’s Ballot

Measure 64 By Arthur Zhu Measure 64 proposes to amend Measure 32, which began fall 2007 and is permanent, with no end date. It proposes to...

What’s Next?

The spring election attracted the highest voter turnout in the last eight years — about 39 percent of undergraduate students voted. Due to low voter...

2015 SUA Officer Election Results Announced

The SUA Constitutional Amendments have passed, and the titles have changed from "chair" to "president." President: Julie Rachel Foster Vice President of Internal Affairs: Jabari Brown Vice President of...

Letter from the Editors: Connection to Student Body Outweighs SUA Experience

This Letter from the Editors is published with our Elections Special Issue, on stands Thursday May 14. Vote at elections.ucsc.edu. Voting ends May 18.   About 430 seats...

Interviews with SUA Officers

SUA Chair Candidate Julie Foster https://vimeo.com/127312950 SUA Chair Candidate Brad Mleynek https://vimeo.com/127313009 SUA Chair Candidate Shubhankar Sharan https://vimeo.com/127313461 SUA Internal Vice Chair candidates https://vimeo.com/127764797 SUA Organizing Director candidates https://vimeo.com/127762455 SUA Commissioner of Diversity candidates https://vimeo.com/127765731 Commissioner of Academic...

Student Fee Measures / Constitutional Amendments

Campus-specific student fees are proposed and voted through by way of a referendum during SUA elections. Stringent budget cuts have turned student fees into...


  Letter from the Editors Video Interviews with Officer Candidates Proposed Student Fees/Constitutional Amendements    VOTE HERE