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19 Oct 2021

Feelings on Fonts 

In the fall of my first year at UC Santa Cruz, I applied to be a photographer for City on a Hill Press. For reasons unknown to me, I was hired as a production designer. However, I accepted the position, and this decision would tether…

Numerous types of spring rolls are stacked on a plate next to a dipping sauce.

It’s Spring Roll Season! 

Growing up, I was never a fan of leafy greens. Therefore, I was never a fan of spring rolls.  At a Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) fundraiser, I took my first bite of a spring roll in almost eight years and realized they aren’t that bad….


Central Valley Musings 

The biggest of the small towns. That’s the only way I can think to describe Modesto, California. Known primarily for agriculture and the birth of George Lucas, among other less savory statistics, Modesto doesn’t exactly receive love letters from those who grew up here.   But,…

Two people stand at the center of a valley formed by the backs of fish. Scales are red, blue, and gray.

An Ode to Everyday Ghosts 

The best thing about being alone is that it forces you to be friends with ghosts (and bugs). I guess, then, we’re never really alone. When I was a kid, I convinced myself I lived among ghosts. This may sound odd, but I promise it…

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