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04 Jul 2020
Special Issue

Party Like a Slug 

Picture this — you and your friends decide to celebrate the end of midterms by going out for the night. Shots are taken, Ubers are called and off you go.  Once at the party, the music pumps as you dance with two friends from your…


Big Money in Small Races 

The Supreme Court rendered limits on individual campaign contributions unconstitutional in Citizens United eight years ago, and the effects are being felt today at the local level in Santa  Cruz.  While conversations about political spending largely focus on national and state races, the influence of…


The Who of the Housing Crisis 

Jane Eng paid $650 a month for a one-bedroom cottage in Live Oak in 1990 when she first moved to Santa Cruz. Her wages  increased 40 percent since then, and her overall rent increased by 450 percent. She now pays almost $3,000 a month for…


Accessible Voting in Santa Cruz 

Every voter knows that feeling you get after you cast a ballot — that swell of pride, the uncontainable joy of slapping on an “I Voted” sticker and having everyone you pass notice that star-spangled icon of civic  engagement. But when stickers aren’t incentive enough,…


Environmental Policies to Watch 

In the upcoming election, voters will have the ability to impact the outcomes of several bills and programs affecting the state and country’s environmental policies moving forward. Here’s a breakdown of local and national bills and propositions and how the election could affect them. California’s…