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30 May 2020
Arts & Culture

It’s in the Cards 

As a kid, Valentine’s Day might mean buying a box set of Scooby Doo or Kim Possible cards and handing them out in class. The night before was spent signing every card and taping candy hearts on the inside of them, maybe sneaking an extra…


A Different Perspective 

The world has been watching the U.S. leading up to the presidential election and the outcome will have impacts beyond just our borders. UC Santa Cruz students from Asia, Europe and the Americas gave their international perspective on how they and others in their home…


Race for Senate 

The Senate approves presidential and other federal appointments, ratifies or rejects treaties and passes legislation. Currently, Sens. Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein serve California in Congress. Feinstein will continue her term until 2018 when she will face re-election, but Boxer is retiring this year. Both…


A Vote for a Better Future 

We are in a time ongoing social progress and political change. But today’s political climate is brimming with accusations, hate, lies and bigotry. After a long two-year election period, we are left with two candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Yet neither seems to fit…


Representatives at the State Level 

With the presidential election drawing the majority of media attention, local representatives tend to get lost in the coverage. Representatives from the California Senate 17th District, which covers Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, Monterey and San Luis Obispo counties, and the California Assembly 29th District covering…


The Voices of the Voteless 

*Last names have been withheld to protect the sources’ identities. Over an estimated 100 million voters will head to the polls to cast their votes, but the 11 million undocumented people in the U.S. won’t have that chance. “Since I don’t have the right to…

Arts & Culture

Starting Small 

Matt Herron walked backwards for 15 miles, threw himself in ditches, created fake press passes and spoke in a southern accent to document the Selma to Montgomery marches, which led to the Voting Rights Act of 1965. While walking with thousands over the course of…


Recreational Marijuana for Adults 

California has the opportunity to join Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska by legalizing the adult use of recreational marijuana in the Nov. 8 election. If passed, California would be the most populated state to legalize marijuana. The proposition has unknown ramifications, which has caused confusion…

Special Issue

Condemned Lives in Voters’ Hands 

Capital punishment is controversial, from the morality of capital punishment to whether or not the time and manner of its infliction is humane. But both Democrats and Republicans acknowledge that California’s capital punishment system is, at a minimum, in need of reform. “California’s death penalty…