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07 Aug 2020

Council Members Reaffirm BearCat Purchase 

Santa Cruz City Council reaffirmed the Santa Cruz Police Department’s (SCPD) grant proposal to purchase the Lenco BearCat (Ballistic Engineered Armored Response Counter Attack Truck) on March 24. In past City Council meetings, several community members, including those involved with Santa Cruz Resistance Against Military…


Restrictions for Downtown Performers Revised 

Public protest poured into the email inboxes of City Council members after the Great Morgani retired this year. Known for his eye-popping costumes and accordion-playing on Pacific Avenue, the Great Morgani stopped performing after a City Council decision last year made street performing restrictions more…


Limiting Money, Reforming Elections 

Santa Cruz City Council candidates have historically fought for votes by amassing support through campaign contributions, using money as their key into the council. New campaign finance reform legislation may change that, setting all candidates on an equal monetary playing-field. Over 50 people gathered to…