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08 Jul 2020

Post-Modern Family 

No, that’s not my uncle or a family friend. When I say it’s my dad’s partner, I don’t mean he’s a police officer. No, I’m not adopted. These are the answers to questions I’ve been asked my whole life. But what’s the big deal? My…


Repaying the Impossible Debt 

My Mother, the Care-Taker My 90-year-old abuelita’s cataracts gleam under the florescent kitchen light as she watches my mother, her caretaker, pour her a warm cup of milk. My mom has just finished her eight-hour shift at Keiro Nursing Home in Lincoln Heights, California, but…


Pulling Double-Duty 

Hidden behind trees, a baseball field and a hill, Family Student Housing (FSH) is hard to see. Removed from other dorms and far from Quarry Plaza and McHenry Library, FSH is not a community most undergraduates learn about. FSH’s physical isolation is not the only…