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07 Oct 2022

Tending to the Community 

A bittersweet atmosphere hung over Beach Flats on Friday morning as community members gathered to reflect on and celebrate the community garden and mourn the expiration of its 20-year lease. However, this aura began to change as wafts of burning sage drifted over the fences,…


A Garden Gamble 

By Georgia Johnson and Juan Cristian Villamil Santa Cruz Seaside Company offered to extend just under two-thirds of the Beach Flats community garden’s lease for another three years. The remaining 10,000 square feet excluded from the lease will be used by Seaside Company as a…


A Community Uprooted 

*A Spanish translation of this article will be posted soon. Photos by Jasper Lyons It’s 7:45 a.m., and Don Emilio’s sweat has already begun to bead on his brow. He wields a pink household broom, sweeping dirt into rows where young bean shoots are beginning to sprout….

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