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30 May 2020

Privilege of Information 

I arrived home after four months of little wifi to “Betsy DeVos and God’s Plan for Schools,” “2,300 U.S. Foreclosures Show a Racial Divide in House Decay,” “Biden, Sanders, Warren: Too Soon for 2020?” “How Social Isolation Is Killing Us,” “What’s hurting California’s budget: The…



Playboy’s “Sexiest Sportscaster of the Year” seems to be the only sports journalism award that women have a shot at winning. Beyond that, women are buried in the 10 percent of female sports journalists or commodified as the pretty faces with microphones on the sidelines…

Arts & Culture

A Digital Universe 

“Can you imagine organizing on the internet to save your building, stop a war or start a labor movement?” A digital 9-year-old girl urges viewers to consider the possibilities the “world-wide web” has to offer. This fictional character is one of three hosts in the…


Reflections on Injustice 

A roar of applause greeted a 61-year-old man, donning his trademark black suit, as he sauntered up to the Media Theater’s stage. Dr. Cornel West, the sole reason why hundreds of students filed into the theater that night, had arrived.


Q&A With Dr. Cornel West 

Before his keynote address at “Speaker Blowout: Ferguson, Racism and the Media,” Dr. Cornel West sat down with a student media representative. Student Media: To start off, I wanted to ask you about your experience. As an academic and lifelong activist, what would you say to…