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30 Sep 2020

Unpacking Practical Activism 

Practical activism is more than awareness about an issue — it’s doing something tangible and getting involved in a cause, said Biah Almajid, co-lead student planner for the 15th annual Practical Activism Conference. About 400 students attended the free, day-long conference on Oct. 21 in…

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Through Our Lens: The Power of the Student Voice 

As an exchange student from South Africa, I find it interesting to compare the student voice at UCSC with my experiences back home. The similarities are uncanny — there is unquestionable power in the student voice through its conviction, dynamism and (sometimes naïve) optimism. After spending one day at the Practical Activism Conference at UCSC earlier this quarter, I can see these qualities applied to both the students of Cape Town and Santa Cruz.