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24 Sep 2020

Q&A With the CP/EVC 

As a labor economist and former undergraduate economics professor at UC Santa Cruz, Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor (CP/EVC) Lori Kletzer assumes her position eager to interact with students on a personal level. City on a Hill Press sat down with CP/EVC Kletzer on…


4 Questions, 4 Answers from Campus Admin 

UC Santa Cruz Chancellor George Blumenthal, Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor Alison Galloway and Interim EVC and Campus Diversity Officer for Faculty Herbie Lee all sat down with Student Media organizations on Wednesday to answer questions regarding the future of the university and representation on campus….


Q&A with Ruth Wilson Gilmore 

The UC Presidential Chair in Feminist Critical Race and Ethnic Studies invited Ruth Wilson Gilmore to UC Santa Cruz to discuss police violence and mass incarceration in a lecture called  “Organized Abandonment & Organized Violence: Devolution and The Police.” Her discussion in the UCSC Music…


Journey of a Humanitarian 

After Dr. Herman Blake founded Oakes College in 1972, he worked with Cowell Provost Page Smith to create a program that sends students to serve in low-income communities across the country. One of his students was placed on a service trip in South Carolina, and…