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27 May 2020

The Subtleties of Prejudice 

When Shadin Awad had the opportunity to introduce Dr. Angela Davis at the 31st Martin Luther King Jr. Convocation, she was met with praise. Attendees admired her eloquence, making comments like, “I was so surprised to hear how well-spoken you are,” and “Wow, you are…


Reflections on Injustice 

A roar of applause greeted a 61-year-old man, donning his trademark black suit, as he sauntered up to the Media Theater’s stage. Dr. Cornel West, the sole reason why hundreds of students filed into the theater that night, had arrived.


Preparing for War, Not for Safety 

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon declared a “state of emergency” through an executive order on Monday, which comes 100 days after Ferguson officer Darren Wilson killed unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown. Since Brown’s death, his family members, their supporters and Ferguson residents have organized for months, demanding accountability for Brown’s killing.