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24 May 2020

Through Our Lens: Trailer Park 

Beyond Kresge College and near the Heller Drive trailhead lies a neighborhood brimming with a comforting trance, artistic expression and unconventional housing. Founded in the early 1980s, UC Santa Cruz’s trailer park began as an unofficial community at the East Remote Parking Lot on campus….


Santa Cruz Removed from Harm Reduction Bill 

When a news article naming Santa Cruz County as a potential safe drug consumption site reached the attention of the Board of Supervisors, board members were shocked. Within days, before any committee or awareness meeting could be formed, city activists filled the mailboxes and voicemails…


2017 SUA Candidate Interviews 

Videos courtesy of Banana Slug News. Voting has begun and will close at midnight on May 23. Students can vote online at This year’s ballot includes funding referendum measures 67 and 68, amendments to the SUA constitution, SUA officer elections and opinion polls for…