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30 May 2020
Arts & Culture

Into the Void 

As ripples of energy radiated from the collision of two black holes, a new one — 62 times the mass of our sun — was created. The collision and its waves stunned astrophysicists across the nation and sparked questions across the globe. The Mary Porter…


Sami, I Need to Talk About Sex 

No doubt the “sex-talk” has been traditionally, more or less, awkward — maybe your parents sat you down after dinner one night or pulled you aside before you asked out a love interest. Such conversations may have missed a few important details or failed to address certain areas you were curious about.


Transitions: Voices of the Trans Community 

Uncovering or exposing the trans community on campus to give it a much needed and deserved attention. Highlights the personal struggles—both emotionally and physically—that trans-identified individuals face everyday as well as educates the student body on the community and the implementations the UC has made to facilitate a safe trans environment. Also discusses medical benefits provided by student insurance, and services available at the health center as well as locations off campus.