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22 Oct 2020

2017 SUA Candidate Interviews 

Videos courtesy of Banana Slug News. Voting has begun and will close at midnight on May 23. Students can vote online at This year’s ballot includes funding referendum measures 67 and 68, amendments to the SUA constitution, SUA officer elections and opinion polls for…



What started as a few students setting up a table in Quarry Plaza turned into a powerful speak out and march through campus and into lecture halls. The protesters interrupted classes with collective shouts of “Out of the classroom and into the streets — no…


SUA Declares Opposition To Relocation 

The Student Union Assembly (SUA) unanimously passed a resolution declaring opposition to a proposal that would relocate the staff of Student Organization Advising and Resources (SOAR) and over 150 student organizations and their members to the Crown College “pit” parking lot. The Student Union and…


The Easy Way Out 

Since 2011, the Student Union Assembly (SUA) proposed three measures — one of which was voted on twice — and all of these failed to pass. A recent proposal from the SUA seems to suggest this is a reflection of student apathy and not necessarily SUA’s inability to market their measures or create resolutions reflecting the concerns of the student body.