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25 Jul 2021

2019 Campus Election Guide 

It’s time for campus elections, and this year’s ballot includes four different measures that could potentially mean huge changes for campus. Here’s a look into what’s on the ballot and how this election cycle can affect students.  WHAT IS SUA? The Student Union Assembly (SUA)…


Measure 67 Fails 

The Campus Student Government Fee Increase, Measure 67 failed with a 61 percent vote. A 66 percent vote was needed to pass. The measure would have raised the current $7 quarterly Measure 8 fee to $20 beginning in the fall 2017 quarter to further fund…


An Evolving Assembly 

While all student governing bodies grapple with member turnover and voter engagement, UC Santa Cruz’s Student Union Assembly (SUA) had at least five members  — including the president — resign this year. Amid the turnover, the SUA also struggled to define its role amid an…


2017 SUA Candidate Interviews 

Videos courtesy of Banana Slug News. Voting has begun and will close at midnight on May 23. Students can vote online at This year’s ballot includes funding referendum measures 67 and 68, amendments to the SUA constitution, SUA officer elections and opinion polls for…


SUA Elects New President Tias Webster 

Tias Webster was appointed Student Union Assembly (SUA) president on Jan. 18 after previous president, Ray Inoue, resigned last quarter and Vice President of Internal Affairs (IVP) Grace Shefcik and Vice President of External Affairs (EVP) Judith Gutierrez both declined the position. Webster ran because…


A Guide to Your Student Government 

UC Santa Cruz’s Student Union Assembly (SUA) is the undergraduate student government on campus. It’s completely student-led and student-funded, and it serves as a space for student voice both locally and nationally. There are six student body officers of the SUA, 10 student organization representatives…

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