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06 Dec 2021

Student Occupation Ends 

Occupiers of Humanities 2 released a statement on their blog “Education Should Be Free” notifying readers that the six-day occupation was ending on Nov. 26. The statement “We Are Everywhere: A Letter of Arrival from Humanities 2” read, “Though we leave Humanities 2 today, it…


SUA Officers Reflect One Year Later 

As the new Student Union Assembly (SUA) campaigning season begins, City on a Hill Press (CHP) asked the current SUA officers to assess themselves and what they accomplished this year. Using their answers to last spring’s interview questions from CHP, the officers reflected on how their original goals came to fruition.


Voter Security Increased for SUA Elections 

During the spring 2013 elections, six students came forward to assistant Dean of Students Lucy Rojas, who also oversees campus elections, to complain of an inability to access the referenda and cast ballots. Denied login capability, the students were met by digital notices stating their ballots had already been submitted.


The Easy Way Out 

Since 2011, the Student Union Assembly (SUA) proposed three measures — one of which was voted on twice — and all of these failed to pass. A recent proposal from the SUA seems to suggest this is a reflection of student apathy and not necessarily SUA’s inability to market their measures or create resolutions reflecting the concerns of the student body.

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