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05 Jul 2020

Status Over Survivor 

*Trigger warning: this editorial contains references to sexual harassment. When he rubbed her neck, she felt uncomfortable. When he squeezed her, she froze with shock. When he grabbed her hands and placed them on his hips and kissed her, she cried in a bathroom stall…


UC Laborers Union Protest Pay Wage 

About 30 protesters representing the Teamsters Local 2010 union of over 14,000 UC clerical and administrative employees gathered in Quarry Plaza on Aug. 16, denouncing the two-month bargaining delay for a wage contract and demanding better salary and a secure pension. “[The UC] has tens of billions of dollars in reserve […] are their top administrators…


Hunger at Home 

The college student living off of microwave ramen has become a trope in popular culture. It becomes much less endearing, however, when the student is in the next room over, and their mental and emotional health are at risk. Over a quarter of University of…


UC to Require Measles Vaccination 

Amid the recent Disneyland measles outbreak, that as of Feb. 20 has infected 154 people across the United States since last December, the University of California will require all incoming students to be vaccinated for measles. Cases of the disease have been reported in 17…


Students Rally Against Proposed Tuition Hike 

About 200 students gathered in Quarry Plaza Tuesday afternoon to rally against UC President Janet Napolitano’s proposed plan to increase tuition by up to 5 percent over each of the next five years, if state funding continues at expected levels. The rally comes in preparation for Wednesday and Thursday’s UC Regents meeting, when the tuition hike will be voted on.