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24 May 2020
Arts & Culture

Fighting for the Forest 

Behind a black curtain lies the Ecuadorian Amazon. The sounds of rustling trees and flowing rivers and a hue of emerald green fill the room. The Mary Porter Sesnon Gallery is transformed into a lush forest. The indigenous tribes who call this landscape home have…

Arts & Culture

SUA Hits the ‘Gas Pedal’ 

Amid budget constraints and a contentious history, the Student Union Assembly (SUA) will hold its first large concert since 2014 and make the campus concert dream of many students a reality. Sage the Gemini will perform at the Quarry Amphitheater on Oct. 20. Since Isabella…

Arts & Culture

Just be Yourself 

Everyone wants to be liked, but what if one’s fear of not having control over that leads to serious health effects? How does one regain the strength to find happiness and acceptance in themselves physically and mentally? For UC Santa Cruz third-year Maris Degener, the answer…


Through Our Lens: Trailer Park 

Beyond Kresge College and near the Heller Drive trailhead lies a neighborhood brimming with a comforting trance, artistic expression and unconventional housing. Founded in the early 1980s, UC Santa Cruz’s trailer park began as an unofficial community at the East Remote Parking Lot on campus….